Since 1998, I have been helping Arizona businesses and individuals solve their civil disputes. Whether it was a landlord whose tenant destroyed a rental house, a business whose employee stole proprietary information on the way out, or a father who was misdiagnosed and put in a home when he was merely being overmedicated, I have been there to get the best resolution I can for my clients.  More important to me personally is reaching the right resolution. I am interested in an end result that is fair and supported by the facts and the law, especially when it involves family or other ongoing relationships.

More important to your bottom line, my goal is to get to a resolution as efficiently as possible. If it can't be resolved short of trial, fine. In civil trials, I have been very successful.If we can get it wrapped up sooner, through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration, so much the better.

Where I Can Practice

Arizona (state and federal courts)
Colorado (state courts)
Michigan (state and federal courts)

Where I Learned

University of Colorado School of LawBoulder, Colorado
Western Michigan UniversityKalamazoo, Michigan

Where I Made History

Sleeth v. Sleeth (In re Sleeth), 244 P. 3d 1169 (Arizona Court of Appeals 2010)

Who I Usually Represent

Individuals  | Closely Held Corporations | Limited Liability Companies/Members and Managers | General and Limited Partnerships and Partners | Landlords | Tenants

The Kinds of Cases I Take

Contract Disputes | Business Torts | Business Divorces | Copyright Infringement | Civil Torts | Evictions

Contact me and let's discuss your situation. Every case is different, and I can't promise you anything except my hard work on your behalf. Let me help tell your story.